Cart Reminders
via Messenger

Introducing Chatfuel's
conversational commerce
tools for Shopify
Recover up to 7x more revenue than with email reminders alone.
Messenger abandoned cart reminders for Shopify, available now.
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Attract more customers for less with Messenger

Increase your ROAS by using Click-to-Messenger ads that drive traffic to your bot.

Instead of paying for retargeting ads, your bot can send messages to customers who found you through an ad, but have not yet purchased.

Easily set up conversational reminder messages that convert at 10x what retargeting ads can.

New ecommerce tools that drive more sales

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Interact with customers to drive increased loyalty

With a Messenger bot, it's incredibly easy to get customers to submit reviews after a purchase, or even UGC, like photos.

If a customer has an issue, you can set their response to automatically trigger a proactive customer service flow instantly.

You’ll be able to solve customer issues before they escalate, showing that your brand is dedicated to customer satisfaction

Chatfuel reaches 650M+ users monthly

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Bring back the money

You no longer have to wait until a shopper visits the checkout page and enters their email to send them
a recovery message.

Bring more shoppers back to your store to complete their purchases using Chatfuel’s abandoned cart reminders via Messenger.

Send reminders that automatically populate cart contents so your customers can finish buying quickly and easily.

Tools for Shopify to help you turn traffic into sales via Messenger

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