Free Facebook Messenger solution
for organizations to disseminate information about COVID-19

Share timely, accurate information, and speed up your responses
to concerned citizens
We want to thank all organizations that are working to disseminate correct and helpful information about the novel coronavirus.

Chatfuel is committed to helping your mission by offering a free, powerful method to reach your audience via Facebook Messenger.

In Support Of Facebook Messenger Efforts

For eligible organizations (NGOs, nonprofits, government entities, and other groups who are offering emergency aid / information as a public service), Chatfuel in support of Facebook is providing the following:

😀 Free access to all Pro plan features

⏰ A template to help you get up and running in minutes

📅 Free weekly onboarding and live office hours to help set up your bot

🤝 Connection with an agency to help with customization, if needed (subject to availability)

🚑 Support for the duration of the crisis period (until June 1, 2020 and possibly beyond)

Sign Up for Chatfuel

Go to chatfuel.com in a new window. Click "Get started for free."
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This video covers everything you need to know about setting up your COVID-19 chatbot template in Chatfuel, including how to: 
🔥 Sign up for Chatfuel

🤖 Install your COVID-19 chatbot template

✏️ Edit and customize the template

📰 Send news and information to your subscribers (via Broadcasts)

💬 Reach as many people as possible with Messenger best practices

Use the COVID-19 Chatbot Template

Template Install

• Select the COVID-19 Assistant template.

• Click "Use Template."

Template Setup

• All of the content and information in the template is for reference only and was obtained from the WHO website.
• Please review the content and make any necessary changes. *You are responsible for the accuracy of information in the bot.

How to edit your bot

Go to the Automate tab and click on the block you'd like to edit. Then change, add, or delete elements in the block. For more details about blocks, elements and editing your chatbot...
Click here

Publish and go live

To publish your bot and go live, all you have to do is connect it to your Facebook Page in the Configure section of the Chatfuel dashboard.

If you experience any issues, you can find more detailed information and troubleshooting instructions  in this help doc.

Sharing your bot and sending news

Bring Your Audience to the Bot
Send News and Updates Related to COVID-19

💬 Messaging guidance

Your Messaging must comply with any terms set out by Facebook, including the standard
Messenger Platform Policy.

💰Cost and limits

Chatfuel is committed to supporting your efforts during this crisis period (until June 1, 2020 and possibly beyond). During this period, qualifying organizations will have full access to Chatfuel's Pro plan at no cost. Access is subject to the terms set forth in our application agreement.

Need more help?

📄 Documentation✉️ team@chatfuel.com

🦸 Agency support

We reached out the the Chatfuel community and the response was amazing. These generous agencies have pledged their support, and can help you for free or at very reduced rates. Reach out directly to an agency on this list for additional help if needed.
Agency Support List

👩💻 Additional resources

Helping the Community Together

The Chatfuel team is committed to helping businesses, nonprofits, and public-service organizations get Messenger bots up and running as quickly and easily as possible, so we can navigate this unprecedented situation as best we can, together

Stay heathy. Stay safe. Stay in touch.
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