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Since March, we've given free Chatfuel Pro access to over 50 nonprofit and health organizations. These groups created Chatfuel bots to share crucial information about COVID-19 with their audiences around the world.

Now, we're offering new programs and resources to help businesses and nonprofits adjust to the new normal.

For small businesses

●  Apply to get 20% more users free for your Chatfuel bot

Apply to get $100 in free Facebook ads credits

Find a list of other programs and resources for assistance on our blog

For nonprofits

Apply to get 2x more users free for your Chatfuel bot with our 1:1 matching program, Bots for Good

● Discover nine ways your nonprofit can benefit from a bot

● Find out how other charities are using chatbots to expand their impact

For all businesses

● You can now access all of Chatfuel's Pro features for FREE for your first 50 users

● Get tips on bots and marketing from expert guests on our weekly YouTube Show

For those sharing COVID information

We appreciate the work health organizations like yours are doing to keep your community safe. Here's a video guide to setting up a bot to share health info related to the virus.

Use the COVID-19 Chatbot Template

• Select the COVID-19 Assistant template.
• Click "Use Template."

Template Setup

• All of the content and information in the template was obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO) website. It is intended for reference only.

• Please review the content and make any necessary changes. *You are responsible for the accuracy of information in the bot.

How to edit your bot

Go to the Automate tab and click on the block you'd like to edit.
Then change, add, or delete elements in the block. For more details about blocks, elements and editing your chatbot...
Click here

Publish and go live

To publish your bot and go live, all you have to do is connect it to your Facebook Page in the Configure tab of your Chatfuel dashboard.

If you experience any issues, you can find more detailed information and troubleshooting instructions  in this

Sharing your bot and sending news

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😷 Send news and updates to your users

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The Chatfuel team is committed to helping businesses and nonprofits take advantage of Messenger bots to achieve their goals during these difficult times.

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