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A Messenger chatbot is your virtual sales associate and customer support rep. Build it, launch it, and watch the revenue for your ecommerce store start rolling in on autopilot.

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Your store's success, automated

Automate and amplify each major sector of your ecommerce store with a chatbot.

Answer FAQs

Resolve most routine customer queries 24/7 without human intervention

Recommend products

Supercharge sales numbers with personalized product suggestions

Maximize ROAS

Direct leads from ads to bot to lower CPA & increase conversions

Optimize your
sales funnel

Visualize and analyze it to fix
drop-off points and get more conversions

Recover abandoned carts

Remind users about items they left behind and encourage them to buy

Boost loyalty
and LTV

Send tracking details, request reviews, and more post-purchase

Take your ecommerce store to the next level.

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Ecommerce Success Stories

Find out how Chatfuel ecommerce clients are using their bots to automate sales, multiply revenue, and optimize resources.

3D Mats

This car accessories brand uses a bot to reduce repetitive inquiries by 70%, and earn a 999% ROAS

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Photobooth Deluxe

German ecommerce entrepreneur automates over $100,000 in sales with his chatbot

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DECEN Muebles

The bot for this furniture brand handles 98% of customer inquiries and brings in 80% of total sales

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