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No code

Create compelling bot flows that convert without writing a single line of code.

Drag and drop

Create blocks, add content, and build bot flows with our drag and drop interface.

Easy overview

Instantly understand the entire user journey of your bot flow with a single click.

Flexible workflow

Add content to blocks and build the flow later. Or, map out the flow and add the content later.

Flow sharing

Share your bot flows with team members or clients for quick feedback and approvals.

Plugins and integrations

Updated versions of all of the third party plugins and integrations you need.

Click, click, done

Add text, images, video, buttons, and more to your bot in two clicks.

Share the love

Easily share your bot project with clients or colleagues.

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See, sort, send

Tag bot users, sort them into segments, and export in a flash.

Title about Entry Points function

Tag bot users, sort them into segments, and export in a flash.

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Your bot is about to get super popular

Bring new users to your bot with Entry Points,
the newest feature in Flow Builder.

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See just how easy it is to build a chatbot and acquire users at scale with Flow Builder + Entry Points.

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Entry Points

Set up Entry Points to bring new users to your bot from your website, Facebook page, Facebook ads, and other sources, and help them find what they need when they get there.

Dashboard Stats

The moment you log into Chatfuel, you’ll be able to see key stats for your bot. The color-coded dashboard will show you how your bot is performing, and how active it’s been over time. Use these metrics to keep colleagues or clients in the loop with your project, too.